About us

“The basic idea that built TTM was that complicated and time-consuming work tasks, such as building shunt units at the construction site, could be faster and more efficient by prefabrication”

TTM Energiprodukter is after more than 50 years in the business a leading supplier of equipment such as prefabricated shunt units and vacuum degassers for the HVAC-markets. All products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the town of Kalmar in the southeast of Sweden.

Our mission is to deliver solutions to our clients that simplifies the daily life and creates efficient flows with a reliable and long-term function with a good overall economics.

Facts and curiosities

  • Established in 1969
  • The first prefabricated shunt unit exhibit in 1969
  • Sune Berg, one of the founders of the company, is today owner to 100% by himself
  • TTM’s logo is inspired by the control curve of a mixing valve
  • TTM was initially shortening of TermoTeknikMalmö
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