Large system filter that removes magnetite

Filter equipment TTM MAG 250 with a pump is primarily intended for contract work, and is recommended for systems in which it is known that there is magnetite or other particles in the system fluid. The equipment can also be used for permanent installation.

TTM MAG 250 contains a partial stream and does not affect the pressure or flow in the system. As standard, the TTM MAG 250 comes with a filter bag with a mesh size of 1 micron. Other types of filter bags are available on request.

TTM MAG 250 effectively removes magnetite and other particles from the system fluid, which means:

Less downtime
Magnetite clogs valves, etc., and may also cause wet pumps to jam when they are turned off.

Longer service life of the system
Magnetite and other particles have an abrasive effect that may erode the system. Magnetite is magnetic and is attracted to the magnetic fields in pumps where it rubs, for example, on shaft seals, which often leads to leaks.

Checks to see that the corrosion in the system has ceased
In a system that is in balance, there is no new formation of magnetite. After a period of filtration, no further magnetite should collect in the filter. If this nevertheless occurs, there are corrosion problems that need to be rectified.

Technical data

System pressure standard, total
pressure at the connection point, max: 10 bar
Medium temperature: 0 – +60 ° C
Pressure class: PN 10
Permissible liquids: Water, glycol, alcohol
Connection Dimension: DN25, inv. thread
Power rating: 1 ~ 230 V, 50 Hz

External fuse: 10 A
Rated current: 0.51 kW
Power: 1 ~ 230V, 50Hz
Voltage: 2.34 A
Protection class: IP44
Weight: 20 kg
Art. no.: 506317


The filter is connected with steel-wound hoses on the system’s return conduit. Two bifurcations with ball valves with minimum dimensions DN20 and a spacing of at least 500 mm are installed on the bottom side of the conduit. The connections on the TTM MAG 250 are DN25 internal thread.

  • Connect a steel-wound hose from the first bifurcation to the pump (inflow from the system)
  • Connect a steel-wound hose from the second bifurcation to the filter holder (return to the system).
  • Open both ball valves and wait until all the air in the filter holder has been evacuated through the top degasser.
  • Start the pump.
  • Inspect the filter regularly and replace as needed. The interval depends on the size of the system and the quantity of particles in the fluid. We recommend that an inspection be held as early as after a few days in the event of heavily dirtied systems.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 mm
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