Magnetite trap combined with a particle filter

TTM MAG 76 is effective magnetite trap combined with a particle filter. The device is primarily designed to be used together with degasser TTM NoXygen®, but can also be used in applications without degassing.

When the gas content in a system fluid drops, magnetite and other deposits often loosen from the system’s interior walls. These cause wear to pumps and pipe walls and may cause clogging of the system.

The recommendation is to install TTM MAG 76 together with TTM NoXygen®. It is especially important to install TTM MAG 76 when it is known that there is magnetite or other particles in the system fluid.


TTM MAG 76 effectively removes magnetite and other particles from the system fluid, which means:

Less downtime
Magnetite clogs valves, etc., and may also cause wet pumps to jam when they are turned off.

Longer service life of the system
Magnetite and other particles have an abrasive effect that may erode the system. Magnetite is magnetic and is attracted to the magnetic fields in pumps where it rubs, for example, on shaft seals, which often leads to leaks.

Protects the degasser
In systems with a high incidence of particles TTM MAG 76 prevents the degassing process from deteriorating due to clogging of the degasser.

Model Connection Pressure class Temperature °C Material (housing) Weight
Magnetic trap Art. no.
TTM MAG 76 DN15 PN10 0 – +110°C Stainless steel 6.8 Magnetic rod 506188

When installed in combination with degasser TTM NoXygen® TTM MAG 76 is connected to the system (½” female. thread) and then fitted directly on the shut-off valve on the inlet to TTM NoXygen®.
When connecting to the NoXygen, you start by fitting the supplied compression coupling, and then connect the plain end of the TTM MAG 76 to the compression coupling.

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