Standardised shunt units for heating systems

TTM SHUNTOMATIC® is a completely new program with ready-rated shunt units. TTM SHUNTOMATIC® is equipped with a pressure-independent control valve (PICV), which always provides the correct control, even if the system flow and/or pressure changes.


  • 6 sizes for heating with heat insulation
  • 3 sizes for cooling and cooling insulation
  • Correctly rated pump
  • Dynamic control valve (PICV)
  • Actuator 24V 0-10 V control signal.


  • Ready-rated
  • Easy to choose correctly via the order guide
  • Dynamic control valve 100% valve authority
  • Complete with a pump, control valve and actuator
  • Few varieties, easy to choose correctly
  • One Article number suffices
  • Each shunt group can be chosen with or without communication at the pump
  • Turnable
  • In the warehouse, short delivery times.


Ordering guide

Shunt unit heating Dimensions Flow range l/h Max. effect (kW) at ΔT 30°C Pump options   Art. no.
SHUNTOMATIC V DN15 86-370 3-12 Communication   510888
SHUNTOMATIC V DN20 230-1323 8-46 Communication   510901
SHUNTOMATIC V DN25 1323-2880 46-125 Communication   510925
SHUNTOMATIC V DN32 2880-5760 125-200 Communication   510932
SHUNTOMATIC V DN40 5760-9500 200-330 Communication   510956
SHUNTOMATIC V DN50 8630-11500 300-400 Communication   510970
Option Art. no.
Floor stand 506195

Additional information

SHUNTOMATIC V Communication

TTM SHUNTOMATIC® V DN15 Comm.pump. 510888, TTM SHUNTOMATIC® V DN20 Comm.pump. 510901, TTM SHUNTOMATIC® V DN25 Comm.pump. 510925, TTM SHUNTOMATIC® V DN32 Comm.pump. 510932, TTM SHUNTOMATIC® V DN40 Comm.pump. 510956, TTM SHUNTOMATIC® V DN50 Comm.pump. 510970

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