Swedish made shunt units for professional premises

Almost 50 years ago, before TTM started to pack its first Swedish made shunt units. The calculating, designing and the onsite construction of an efficient shunt unit took much time and effort to make.

With Shuntopac® and Shuntomatic®, it’s fast, easy and, what’s more, smart. We have shunt units for all needs, whether it concerns cooling, heating, heat recovery or combinations of these.


There is always the option to choose alternative makes and materials for all of the shunt unit’s components.


Shuntomatic® is a new range with ready-sized “All in one” shunts complete with pump, control valve and actuators. Choose the model that matches your needs best.


Thanks to efficient dimensioning, part accuracy and component selection, lower energy consumption is obtained.

Environmentally assessed

The careful choice of materials gives products that are also sustainable from an environmental perspective.


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